Scampy Tech
Serving the Saint Joseph, MO area

-I.T. support
-Networking, administration, programming
-Consulting, I.T. or general business processes
-AS/400, iSeries, IBM i, RPG, CL

What makes us different?

Using advanced design methodologies, advanced programming techniques, and systems automation, application development and maintenance is minimized. Less time maintaining systems coupled with our research in rapid development means Scampy Tech can build and change applications faster than the competition, which enables our customers to react more quickly to the marketplace.

Why are we in business?

Vendors should make your life easier, not cause more work and more money. After 20 years of observation, most vendors appear to make life harder and cost more than they should. You don't need a vendor that views you as a revenue generator, you need a partner that can help you become more flexible and more streamlined, so you can focus on your business.

How do customers benefit?

-Get a solution that fits the business need
-A solution that grows with you
-No hardware maintenance
-No software maintenance
-A vendor that views you as a partner

Current projects:

Rebate system - This system is built to be extremely flexible and allows customized rules for customer/item enrollment, transaction qualification, and calculations. User portals are available for rebate administration, marketing and sales staff, and customers. We can interface upstream or downstream in any landscape.

Donor system - Tracks donations, events, and analyses relationships to identify potential donors.